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The following issues may occur when watching our training videos, depending upon your computer's settings...

Internet Explorer File

  1. Accessing Disc Contents - to access the contents on your disc go to your computer folder and open it, and in that folder find your DVD drive and double-click to open it and there you'll be able to see all the contents on your DVD.  We recommend copying by selecting and dragging all to your Desktop for easier access and play (see STEP 2 below for potential issues if not copied onto Desktop)  
  2. Open Window Delay - when you are clicking on one of the links to watch a training video from the "Internet Explorer" file, and the popup page "spins" and doesn't deliver your video, it's because some computers have a hard time reading the data straight from the DVD. To over come this we recommended that you copy all of the content files on the DVD to your computer, and once on your computer you should be able to view your videos. However, if you prefer watching the training videos from the DVD, then we recommend you watch the training videos located in the WMV folder.
  3. Grainy or Blurry Videos - the training videos were recorded at a resolution of 1024 x 768. If your screen resolution is either equal to or less then either the height or width of the recorded 1024 x 768 resolution, we recommend you watch the training videos in the WMV folder instead of watch your trainings from off the Internet Explorer .html webpage for clearer videos, if you are using the "Fullscreen" button found in lower-right corner of training video, and your screen resolution is equal to or less in either the height or width of 1024 x 768 then you'll want to watch the WMV training videos found in the WMV folder.
  4. Flash & Javascript - if while trying to view the videos you receive a window that says, "The video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Macromedia flash player," we recommend installing/updating both Flash & Javascript to view them. However, if after installing them you still get the same error please be sure to update the flash player on Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and not just Chrome or FireFox (if you use these other browser programs). If you're still getting this error it might be the file hasn't been completely downloaded for one of the following reasons:
  5. Temp Files Cleaned - Computer needs it temporary internet files cleaned up/deleted....You may want to try and clear your Temp files, especially if it hasn't been cleared in the past 2 months
  6. Antinvirus - Antivirus scanner that struggles with scanning the large executable download files (as opposed to a simple video .mpg, .avi, .mp4 downloads. Check your antivirus settings
  7. Firewall - your company's internet service provider, or your company's network or firewall Call your Internet Service Provider and ask if there's a firewall setup
  8. ISP Limitations - your Internet Service Provider may have limitations or restrictions on the size or time of your downloads Call your ISP and ask if there's a limit to the time or size of downloading files. Try downloading on another network (faster and with no size/time restrictions)

WMV Training Videos

  1. Grainy or Blurry Videos - if your training videos appear blurry i.e. the text or images then be sure to maximize your WMV video. This can be done by first running the video, and while running double-click on the running video to auto-fit the video to "Fullscreen." Of course when your finished with the video please either double-click on the video again, or hit the 'Esc' key. Please know that for those who have really large monitors, with very high screen resolutions well beyond the recorded 1024 x 768 videos, we recommend watching the training videos from the "Internet Explorer" file.

Additional Question or Concerns?
Please contact us and let us know how we can help resolve any other training video issues you are running into that you can't find answered from our Support page here.

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