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Navigating Microsoft Excel 2013

Posted by Kirt Kershaw on

How many ways can you move about in Excel? You might think that it's so basic that it's self explanatory, or intuitive.  Time and time again many people have watched my training videos and have commented on how they thought they knew it all, but come to find it with something as simple as navigating around in Excel they were astonished that there was so much more.  In my training video for Excel 2013, in video number 5 titled, "Navigating Excel" I cover the basics as you would expect, like using the mouse to click in a cell, or using the arrow keys, Tab key and Shift+Tab to advance back cell-by-cell.  But whoa!  You haven't seen anything yet until you watched this video.  Here's a tidbit.  You can advanced instantly to the other side of the data range with a quick double-click on the border of any single cell within that range.  Want to see it in action as well as other tips, tricks and shortcuts that I add in addition to most of my training videos than what you see in the title? Please feel welcome to purchase the download or DVD anytime and support my efforts to provide detailed, certified Microsoft training videos.  Also remember that I do provide free training videos to sample my work.

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