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There are many free Microsoft Office online tutorials or training, and some who train from experience, but only one has both the experience and certifications since Microsoft Office 2000, Kirt Kershaw.  His Microsoft certifications, and history of training is something to take notice, especially for those who also want to find training that contains everything they need to help pass the Microsoft Office exams: Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project and Word.  Kershaw has done the work and has taken the exams and has passed them and creates and produces the Microsoft Office training videos for that end.

Go ahead and watch our free Microsoft Office tutorials, training videos and see for yourself.  Our training videos, beginning with Microsoft Office 2010 come with bonus materials such as: Exercises, Quiz and Instructor Notes. It's nice to know, even if you're not looking to certify, that you're getting your training from someone who follows the best industry practices from both experience and Microsoft certifications.  What other trainer, company or programs can provide such credentials? Even so, you still need to find what's comfortable to you and if the trainer would be a good match for you.  We've done all that we can to provide you that trainer, the best of the best, now go ahead and watch our free training videos and decide for yourself.  And then if you do like us, then like us on Facebook and tell others and let us know.  We are grateful for referrals and feedback.    

13th Aug 2016 Kirt Kershaw

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