"We sure like our program you made for us."

Troy N.

Neerings Plumbing & Heating Inc.

"Always helpful, very professional, kind, patient. Very happy with Kirt's instruction. Still new ... but so far very easy to use and is working great for us. "

Heath B., MD

Growing Up Children's Clinic

"Kirt was very patient and answered any question I had. Ny, last software was specifically for ambulatory centers. It was okay for that particular specialty but this offers so many more features."

Daphne C. - Billing Specialist

Growing Up Children's Clinic

"Kirt was absolutely a great instructor. He explained everything in great detail and has always been available to us when we need him. In the old office, I was using Misys Tiger. I will say that this software is soooo much better and easier to use and comprehend."

Wendy L. - Billing Specialist

Dr. Sparks

"I'm happy to recommend Kirt Kershaw (Dream Force LLC) to you and your organization as a provider of training and learning resources for Microsoft application software.

We have engaged Kirt at Beneficial Financial Group as a learning partner and trainer on Microsoft desktop applications several times over the past few years. He has been professional and thorough in both his training and pre-training interactions and preparations. Unlike other providers we have used, we have never experienced a negative surprise with Kirt.

Kirt has effectively customized courses for us and adapts well to satisfy student needs and preferences during the workshop. He arrives early and is ready for his students and creates a relaxed and effective learning environment. The participant evaluations from his workshops have met or exceeded our standards and expectations. Students have liked the user friendliness of Kirt's Dream Notes approach and resources."

Linda C. - Staff Development Specialist

Beneficial Financial Group

"I have had the opportunity to attend two trainings with Kirt Kershaw as the instructor. I first met Kirt about two years ago during an Access Training provided through Granite Peaks. This was my first experience with MS Access and Kirt made the class enjoyable and informative.

My second experience with Kirt was in April of 2005. Because of my previous experience with Kirt, I felt very comfortable contracting him for this training. I knew his vast experience and teaching skills would be perfect for this group of employees. Because of the diversity in skill levels Kirt had his hands full. Some of our employees had experience with the software while others were using it for the first time.

Kirt was able to begin with the basics of Access yet add touches of its advanced uses to keep all the students engaged. Kirt's natural ability to teach kept the class moving at a good pace and his sense of humor always added an element of fun.

All our employees gained a great deal of knowledge and feel they can start creating their own databases after only four full-day classes. The additional month of service that Kirt provides gave our employees additional service when they needed help. I would definitely hire Kirt again to provide any type of Microsoft training."

Marge' W. - Special Education

Granite School District

"For two years Kirt has been a very important part of our computer instruction. He is always on time and prepared with excellent lessons. We have been pleased with very positive feedback from students taking classes from Kirt. His classes for PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Access have been the best we have offered."

Larry R. - Skyline Campus Manager

Granite Peaks

"Kirt began working with Fairchild Semiconductor about a year ago, when he taught an MS Excel class as an independent consultant through New Horizons.

Since Kirt did a good job teaching the class and received favorable evaluations, I later decided to hire him directly to teach a series of A+ Hardware and Operating Systems classes for our IS&T groups. However, at this time Kirt was not A+ certified and I required a trainer that was certified. Kirt assured me that he just needed a few weeks to study the material and prepare his lessons. As promised, Kirt successfully passed both tests and was ready to teach the classes on schedule.

Kirt was very flexible and accommodated our request to teach two classes over a 10 week period. These classes included beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. Kirt successfully handled training these diverse groups by focusing on preparing them for certification, which was the intent for the classes.

As a result of the classes, many of the participants have already successfully passed the certification test. Those participants that have not yet certified are scheduled to take the test over the next month. Thanks to Kirt, we now have a group of highly skilled and knowledgeable IS&T employees that will also be A+ certified.

I would highly recommend working with Kirt to meet your computer training needs. He is a very good trainer that is customer focused, easy to work with, and offers competitive pricing."

Patricia H. - Training & Development Manager

Fairchild Semiconductor

"He was very helpful to a room full of EMR novices. The system looks great, now we just have to get it running."

Dr. Phil


"Very knowledgable about EMR product. Willing to answer questions not necessarily in order of training. Our previous system was Versys (MENDS), this is a major improvement."

John M.


"Kirt was excellent in his training skills--very thorough and patient with us through all of our questions. We used WebEDoctor. There is no comparison between the two because this is so much more user-friendly, the technical staff much more personable and helpful, and just an entirely superior program."

Medical Practice


"Excellent Instructor! Enthusiastic, professional and approachable. The courseware was well formatted and user friendly. So nice to have something concise like Dream Notes."

Debra H.


"You present material in a logical, sequential manner. The Dream Notes are very helpful."

Tracy B.


"Very good Instructor. Humor is good. The Dream Notes are splendid! Very good reference tool."

Julie J.


"You made this an enjoyable class - I'm ready to apply skills learned and have some fun creating presentations. The courseware was easy to follow and understand. I use Dream Notes every time I'm in PowerPoint. They're great."



"Waded quickly through BS and covered pertinent objectives immediately. Very knowledgeable on subject material. Dream Notes - The best! Great 'cheater' book. Lives in my desk at work. Worth the cost of the class."

Cate C.


"Thanks for your help! We both passed! Yahoo! We have Outlook, Access left to take. I have PowerPoint too. Jen has Word too. Can we ask for your help again? Thanks again sooooo much!"

Janet & Jen T.


"You helped out great. Looking forward to making more purchases from you. Your sales and speediness to help was outstanding. Again thanks for all."

Anthony F.